MYCITO* Security

MYCITO* takes security seriously and actively tests MYCITO* against various security testing algorithms and patterns to identify possible areas of breach. In conjunction with this testing MYCITO* also evaluates the complexity of generated passwords on user registration and forgot password resets. Current MYCITO* generated passwords will take a computer 158 Thousand Years to crack. MYCITO* also continuously monitors user access patterns and behaviour as well as brute force, bulk-, random mass and DoS attacks.



MYCITO* scored the following after a recent security assessment:

  • 1 INFO incident, 0 LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH incidents on the Qualys OWASP Scan, that has been addressed.
  • 1 Bypass Vulnerability identified in the Qualys OWASP Scan, that has been addressed.
  • 9 Other Vulnerabilities identified in the Qualys OWASP Scan, that has been addressed.
  • MYCITO* scored an A Overall Rating on the Qualys SSL Labs test with 4 Issues;
    1. Android 2.3.7 related
    2. IE 6 / XP related
    3. IE 8 / XP related
    4. Java 6u45 related
  • MYCITO* received a 90 (B) Vulnerability Score from Beyond Security Web Site Security Audit, with 0 HIGH, 1 MEDIUM and 10 LOW vulnerabilities.
    Infrastructure Tests13408111339799.92%
    Blind SQL Injection2520252100%
    SQL Injection3060306100%
    Cross Site Scripting5220522100%
    Source Disclosure3060306100%
    PHP Code Injection1440144100%
    Windows Command Execution2160216100%
    UNIX Command Execution2340234100%
    UNIX File Disclosure1440144100%
    Windows File Disclosure4860486100%
    Directory Disclosure3060306100%
    Remote File Inclusion18018100%
    HTTP Header Injection1620162100%

    MYCITO* will continue to conduct incremental periodic tests to assess the security vulnerabilities at future dates based on the known security algorithms and patterns at that time.



MYCITO is quickly becoming a preferred CLOUD AMO / LMS & ERP SERVICE for SMMEs in South Africa. Locally designed, developed and supported with a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, quarterly updates, guaranteed levels of service and more to fit your month-to-month requirements.

  •  A Cloud AMO / LMS & ERP Service
  •  Expandable & Adaptable
  •  Locally Developed & Supported
  •  Monthly Commitment
 087 095 6171

Standard local (South Africa) office hours Monday - Friday (08:00 - 16:00) GMT+2

AMO = Academy Management Office, LMS = Learner Record Management System / Software, ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning Software / System, SaaS = Software as a Service, SETA = Sector Education and Training Authorities, QCTO = Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, SAQA = South African Qualification Authority, QMS = Quality Management System, DHET = Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET = Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ESD = Enterprise Supplier Development, SMME = Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises, OFO = Organising Framework for Occupations

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