MYCITO School Certificates

There is three school certificates, one for a class completed by a student, a program completed by a student and one for a program group attended by a student.



Marker DATA
[student::initials]Student Initials
[student::name]Student Name
[student::surname]Student Surname
[student::id_number]Student ID Number
[student::employer]Student Name



Marker DATA
[class::name]Module Name
[class::time]Module Time
[class::credit]Total module SAQA Credits.
[class::points]Total module points.



Marker DATA
[teacher::initials]Teacher Initials
[teacher::name]Teacher Name
[teacher::surname]Teacher Surname
[teacher::signature]Teacher Signature, the image is loaded from the individual identity.



Marker DATA
[program::name]Program Name
[program::type]Program Type
[program::modules]Program Modules, this will list all the modules in the program.
[passed::modules]Passed Modules, this will ONLY list the modules passed by the student.


SAQA Qualification

Marker DATA
[saqa_qualification::number]SAQA Qualification Number
[saqa_qualification::nqf]SAQA Qualification NQF Level



Marker DATA
[intake::start]Intake Start
[intake::stop]Intake Stop
[intake::dates]Intake Start - Stop dates.


Program Group

Marker DATA
[pgroup::start]Program Group Start
[pgroup::stop]Program Group Stop
[pgroup::dates]Program Group Start - Stop dates.



Marker DATA
[admin::initials]Admin Initials
[admin::name]Admin Name
[admin::surname]Admin Surname
[admin::signature]Admin Signature, the image is loaded from the individual identity.



Marker DATA
[certificate::number]Old certificate numbering
[certificate::uuid]New certificate numbering



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AMO = Academy Management Office, LMS = Learner Record Management System / Software, ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning Software / System, SaaS = Software as a Service, SETA = Sector Education and Training Authorities, QCTO = Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, SAQA = South African Qualification Authority, QMS = Quality Management System, DHET = Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET = Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ESD = Enterprise Supplier Development, SMME = Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises, OFO = Organising Framework for Occupations

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