Assess: Models & Assessments (Feature)





1 Assessment Model
Create and manage the assessment model.
2 Topics
Add topics on the assessment model.
3 Questions
Add questions on the assessment model.
4 Upload Files
Upload files on the assessment model.
5 Export
Export the assessment models questions.
6 Import
Import assessment model questions.
7 Lock Model
Lock the assessment model.
8 Secure
Secure the assessment model.
9 User Groups
Set user groups to the assessment model.
10 Copy
Copy the assessment model.
11 Various Reports
View reports associated with the assessment model.


How To Create an Assessment Model

Follow these steps to CREATE AN ASSESSMENT MODEL.

  1. Open the option group ASSESSMENTS MODELS.
  2. Open the option ASSESSMENT MODELS.
  3. Open the NEW ENTRY form, complete the required fields and click SUBMIT.


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AMO = Academy Management Office, LMS = Learner Record Management System / Software, ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning Software / System, SaaS = Software as a Service, SETA = Sector Education and Training Authorities, QCTO = Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, SAQA = South African Qualification Authority, QMS = Quality Management System, DHET = Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET = Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ESD = Enterprise Supplier Development, SMME = Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises, OFO = Organising Framework for Occupations

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