ESD Programme Solution

MYCITO* as a wholistic online ESD Programme lifecycle management solution.



Fund Application Flow


1Entry Point(s)MYCITO supports various entry points for applicants; - Direct URLs from physical or digital ADs. - Email invitations from pre-loaded datasets provided.
2Invitation Email
3Online RegistrationsApplicants can complete online registration form(s) for preliminary approval. They are auto_loaded as; - CRM records for future communication regarding other products / services they may have interest in.
4Approval Email(s)
5Gate ATUSHIYAH Application managers pre-approve applicants by; - Deleting incomplete and double-entries. - Filtering entries based on client criteria. *all entries are retained for; -re-filtering should client criteria change.
6Request Email(s)
7Fund Form(s)Pre-approved applicants are notified via email to complete fund form(s).
8Gate BTUSHIYAH Applicants managers approve applicants by; - Deleting incomplete and double-entries. - Filtering entries based on client criteria. *all entries are retained for; -re-filtering should client criteria change.
9Document Submission(s)Approved applicants are notified via email to submit required document(s). *documents are uploaded directly from a single button inside the email into MYCITO file cabinets for verification.
10Package Email(s)
11Control Lookup(s)TUSHIYAH Financial analysts processes various Governing Body Control DATABASE lookup; - CIPC Lookups - Credit Bureau Lookups - Other Lookups *MYCITO data entries are corrected and verified.
12Financial CalulatorsTUSHIYAH Financial analysts capture various financial values for risk assessment.
13Funding QualificationTUSHIYAH Financial analysts journal; - fund qualifiers with motivation - potential qualifiers and required interventions - non-qualifiers with reasons
14Client Process(es)CLIENT processes qualifying candidates for final YES / NO. *YES / NOs are fed back into MYCITO for communication to applicants.

Development Flow


1Funding AuhorisationCLIENT authorises funds.
2Project TrackingTUSHIYAH Project manager creates recipe drive project for ; - Milestone, deliverable and task tracking - Budget, team, time and expense reporting. *projects are fund beneficiary unique
3Fund TrackingTUSHIYAH Fund manager creates debtor for; - fund value amortization - payment tracking & reporting - statement & payment notifications * record subsets from bank files can be imported
4Training ManagerTUSHIYAH Training manager creates training intervention classes for ; - pre-training material access - physical training and contact time tracking - digital training (eLearning) - PoE submissions, marking, feedback reporting and appeal -evaluations and certification of individuals and/or companies *MYCITO contains all SAQA UNIT STANDARDS, PROGRAMMES & QUALIFICATIONS for SETA, DHET and CHE ALIGNMENT
5Portal TrackingTUSHIYAH Support manager creates portal entries for; - online access for support material, polls, events, news and links to various sources - periodic news broadcasting and email communication - complaint / issue resolution and tracking
6Mentorship TrackingTUSHIYAH Mentorship manager creates coaching initiatives for; - coaching programs - contract time tracking and feedback evaluations - GAP analysis - knowledge bank development
7Continuous ReportingTUSHIYAH managers produce continuous reports for periodic and on-demand feedback to the CLIENT. * MYCITO can design and develop any report to align with unique CLIENT requirements.
8Exit Pont(s)MYCITO support various exit points ; - post project - post funding - post training - post mentorship
9Interest TrackingTUSHIYAH Sales manager logs product & services interest to ; - track sales opportunities - sales activity tracking & journaling *MYCITO also tracks sales period performance against targets based quotes converted into actual invoices
10Entry Point(s)The lifecycle starts again with a new / other product / service offering, maybe even a referral from a successful SME.



MYCITO* is quickly becoming a preferred CLOUD ERP SERVICE for SMMEs in South Africa. Locally designed, developed and supported with a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, monthly updates, guaranteed levels of service and more to fit your month-to-month requirements.

  •  A Cloud ERP Service
  •  Expandable and Adaptable
  •  Locally Developed & Supported
  •  Low Monthly Fee Commitment
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