ESD Programme Solution

MYCITO* as a wholistic online ESD Programme lifecycle management solution.



Summary Flow


1 New Applications
See New Applications Flow below.
2 Loan Administration
See Loan Administration Flow below.
3 Debt Management
See Debt Management Flow below.
4 Continuous Reporting
Project team and support incident tracking with continuous reporting across all areas. Managers produce continuous reports for periodic and on-demand feedback to the CLIENT. MYCITO can design and develop any report to align with unique CLIENT requirements.
5 Business Portal
Support manager creates portal entries for;
  • online access for support material, polls, events, news and links to various sources
  • periodic news broadcasting and email communication
  • complaint / issue resolution and tracking
See Business Portal below.

Application Flow


1 Entry Points
MYCITO supports various entry points for applicants;
  • Direct URLs from physical or digital ADs.
  • Email invitations from pre-loaded datasets provided.
2 Invitation Email
3 Online Registrations
Applicants can complete online registration forms for preliminary approval. They are auto loaded as;
  • CRM records for future communication regarding other products / services they may have interest in.
4 Approval Emails
5 Gate A
Application managers pre-approve applicants by;
  • Deleting incomplete and double-entries.
  • Filtering entries based on client criteria.
  • all entries are retained for re-filtering should client criteria change.
6 Request Emails
7 Application Forms
Pre-approved applicants are notified via email to complete application forms.
8 Gate B
Applicants managers approve applicants by;
  • Deleting incomplete and double-entries.
  • Filtering entries based on client criteria.
  • all entries are retained for re-filtering should client criteria change.
9 Document Submissions
Approved applicants are notified via email to submit required documents. Documents are uploaded directly from a single button inside the email into MYCITO file cabinets for verification.
10 Package Emails
11 Control Lookup
Financial analysts processes various Governing Body Control DATABASE lookup and MYCITO data entries are corrected and verified.
  • CIPC Lookups
  • Credit Bureau Lookups
  • Other Lookups
    12 Financial Calculators
    Financial analysts capture various financial values for risk assessment.
    13 Offering Qualification
    Financial analysts journal;
    • fund qualifiers with motivation
    • potential qualifiers and required interventions
    • non-qualifiers with reasons
    14 Client Processes
    CLIENT processes qualifying candidates for final YES / NO. YES / NOs are fed back into MYCITO for communication to applicants.
    15 Exit Ponts
    MYCITO support various exit points ;
    • post project
    • post funding
    • post training
    • post mentorship
    16 Interest Tracking
    Sales manager logs product & services interest. MYCITO also tracks sales period performance against targets based quotes converted into actual invoices.
    • track sales opportunities
    • sales activity tracking & journaling
    17 New Entry
    The lifecycle starts again with a new / other product / service offering, maybe even a referral from a successful SME.

    Loan Flow


    1 Loan Models
    2 Generate Loan
    Fund manager create debtors;
    • fund value amortization
    • payment tracking & reporting
    • statement & payment notifications
    • subsets from bank files are imported
    3 Generate Project
    4 Project Templates
    Project managers create recipe driven projects, projects are beneficiary unique;
    • Milestone, deliverable and task tracking.
    • Budget, team, time and expense reporting.
    5 Review Authorise
    6 Disbursement
    7 Loan Reports

    Debt Flow


    1 Interest Variations
    2 Daily Calculations
    3 Daily Reports
    4 Statement Run
    5 Email Statements
    6 SMS Reminders
    7 Bank Recon
    8 Transaction Allocation
    9 Debt Reports

    Business Portal


    1 My Companies
    2 CIPC Lookup
    3 Financial Years
    4 Loans
    5 Statements
    6 Transactions
    7 Score Cards
    8 Business Access
    • Market Opportunities
    • Training
    • Tools
    • Coaching
    • Technical Experts
    • Loans
    • Other
    9 Support Queries
    10 Business Opportunities
    11 Business Coaching
    Mentorship manager creates coaching initiatives for;
    • coaching programs
    • contract time tracking and feedback evaluations
    • GAP analysis
    • knowledge bank development
    12 Business Training
    Training manager creates training intervention classes. MYCITO contains all SAQA UNIT STANDARDS, PROGRAMMES & QUALIFICATIONS for SETA, DHET and CHE ALIGNMENT.
    • pre-training material access
    • physical training and contact time tracking
    • digital training (eLearning)
    • PoE submissions, marking, feedback reporting and appeal
    • evaluations and certification of individuals and/or companies
    13 Business Tools


    How To Start

    1. Complete Signup
    2. Activation Process
    3. Gain Access

    How To Weekly

    1. Project Scope
    2. Development
    3. Technical Writing
    4. Quality Assurance Testing
    5. Knowledge Transfer (User Testing)
    6. User Support

    How To Plan for Month 1

    1. Applications
    2. Loan Model and Disbursement
    3. Statements and Reminders
    4. Portal 1.0

    How To Plan for Month 2

    1. Financial and Risk Calculators
    2. Loan Projects
    3. Bank Recon
    4. Portal 1.2

    How To Plan for Month 3

    1. Credit Bureau Lookups
    2. Loan Templates
    3. Transaction Rules
    4. Portal 1.3

    How To Plan for Month 4

    1. Funding Qualification
    2. Loan Reports
    3. Debt Calculations and Reports
    4. Portal 1.4

    How To Plan for Month 5

    1. Client Unique Processes
    2. Improved Reviews
    3. Interest Variations
    4. Portal 1.5

    How To Plan for Month 6

    1. Interest and New Entry Points
    2. Improved Authorizations
    3. Daily Reports (Intelligence)
    4. Portal 1.6

    How To Future

    1. ECO System and Instances
    2. Self Procurement (Assess, Train, Coach, Tools and other)
    3. My Business
    4. My Sales
    5. My Projects
    6. My Finance

    About MYCITO

    MYCITO is quickly becoming a preferred CLOUD AMO / LMS & ERP SERVICE for SMMEs in South Africa. Locally designed, developed and supported with a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, quarterly updates, guaranteed levels of service and more to fit your month-to-month requirements.

    Why MYCITO
    •  A Cloud AMO / LMS & ERP Service
    •  Expandable & Adaptable
    •  Locally Developed & Supported
    •  Monthly Commitment
     087 095 6171

    Standard local (South Africa) office hours Monday - Friday (08:00 - 16:00) GMT+2

    AMO = Academy Management Office, LMS = Learner Record Management System / Software, ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning Software / System, SaaS = Software as a Service, SETA = Sector Education and Training Authorities, QCTO = Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, SAQA = South African Qualification Authority, QMS = Quality Management System, DHET = Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET = Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ESD = Enterprise Supplier Development, SMME = Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises, OFO = Organising Framework for Occupations

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