Business Compliance Model (Solution)

Use compliance models to identify shortfalls within any company to project plan interventions and report on monthly results throughout their financial year.



Business Compliance Model Conceptual Overview

Create and link a compliance model to a company financial year to project plan interventions.


1 Compliance Model
The compliance model to be used for the compliance audit.
  • Compliance Areas and Indicators
  • Copy an existing Compliance Model
  • Compliance Report
See Working with Compliance Models in MYCITO
2 Compliance Indicators
The individual compliance indicators to be used for scoring during the compliance audit. Compliance indicators can be optional and set to require supporting evidence to be uploaded.
3 Compliance Areas
Topic area grouping of compliance indicators.
The financial year to compliance indicator status.
5 Financial Year
The financial year to be audited.
  • Compliance Report
  • Compliance Project
  • Email Questionnaire to Company Owners / Directors
  • Update Compliance
  • Generate Compliance Tasks
See Working with Financial Years in MYCITO
6 SMME Company
The SMME company to be audited.
See Working with Companies in MYCITO
7 Proposed Intervention
The proposed intervention to resolve the unmet compliance indicator. These interventions can vary from training, consulting, documentation and so on.
8 Proposed Product
The proposed intervention product to resolve the unmet compliance indicator.
See Working with Products in MYCITO
9 Proposed Days
The proposed day count required to provide the intervention and product to bring the business into alignment with the unmet compliance indicator.
10 FY Structure
The SMME company owner / director structure for the financial year. Only these individuals can receive the Questionnaire Email.
11 Online Questionnaire
Email compliance model questionnaires to the SMME Company owners / directors.
12 FY Project
The unique SMME company financial year compliance project for business intervention task and scheduled contact tracking.
See Working with Projects in MYCITO
13 Project Resource
Business coach(es) that will assist in the SMME company in meeting the individual compliance indicator requirements.
14 Enrolment Wizard
15 Compliance Quotes
16 Project Invoices

Operational User Flow

Operational users (compliance officers) drive all compliance model activates with the option to have contributing users assist.


1 SMME Company
2 Compliance Audit
4 Failed Compliance
5 Met Compliance
6 Generate Task
7 Action Intervention
8 Upload Evidence
9 Online Questionnaire
10 Compliance Project
11 Project Resources
12 Generate Quote
13 Generate Invoice
14 Update Audit

Contributing User Flow

Contributing users (business coaches) can own selected compliance model activities to drive compliance model projects to completion with the business owners.


1 Home
2 Project Portfolio
3 Project Profile
4 Compliance
5 Email Questionnaire
6 Compliance Audit
7 Upload/Replace Evidence

Company Owner/Director Flow

Company owners / directors can complete quick online compliance model questionnaires on their business from a single email invitation.


1 Questionnaire Email
2 Online Questionnaire


How To Create a Compliance Model

  1. Login
  2. Click on My Systems
  3. Click on Legal Entity Management
  4. Click on Business Types
  5. Open Compliance Models
  6. Create a new Compliance Model

How To Link a Compliance Model

  1. Click on Companies
  2. Open List Companies
  3. Open your SMME Company
  4. Click on Manage Business
  5. Open a Financial Year
  6. Edit Financial Year
  7. Select your Compliance Model

How To Update a company structure and email the compliance model questionniare

  1. Open Financial Year
  2. Edit Company Structure
  3. Open Compliance Report
  4. Click on Email Questionnaire

How To Create a financial year project and link a business coach

  1. Open a Financial Year
  2. Edit Financial Year
  3. Select Create Project True
  4. View Financial Year
  5. Click on Project
  6. Edit Link Resources
  7. Link your Business Coach

How To View a company Compliance Report

  1. Open your SMME Company
  2. Click on Manage Business
  3. Open Financial Year
  4. Open Compliance Report

How To Update a company Compliance Report

How To Generate Compliance Model tasks

How To View Compliance Report on all linked companies

  1. Click on Business Types
  2. Open Compliance Model
  3. View a Compliance Model
  4. Open Compliance Report


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