SETA Training Moderator Interface



SETA Training Moderator Interface Path

The following flow diagram illustrates the typical SETA Training Moderator interface path inside MYCITO*.


1HomeLog into your MYCITO* instance and open the home option screen by clicking on Home.
2Moderator ProfileRegistered moderators can open their moderator profile.
3Moderator RequirementsModerators can upload individual- and moderator requirements for verification and record keeping as validated moderators.
4Moderator ClassesModerators can only open classes they have a relationship with.
5Class StudentsModerators can view class student attendance, marks, results, class reports and class certificates.
6Class EvidenceModerators can view class evidence marking progress and class evidence average.
7Student EvidenceModerators can view individual student evidence score, status and notes.
8Add FeedbackModerators can view evidence PRE-MARK, POST-MARK, REMEDIAL and ARCHIVE documents (if uploaded) and contribute feedback.



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