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1How do I log a issue that I found?
You can contact the mycito* team via email, skype or phone. Or you can complete the support form on this page. MORE
2Can I import my data?
Yes you can. MyCito* Allows you to upload csv files into curtain sections of the application for a quick turn around time. MORE
3Can I export my data?
Yes you can. mycito* allows you to export curtain information from within the application by clicking on the export button.The info will be saved in a... MORE
4What is the file upload limit?
The mycito* application allows for a 32mb file to be uploaded at any given time. MORE
5Can I email from within the system?
Yes you can. The mycito* Application allows for a wide verity of emails to be sent from the system. For example task notification, schedule reminders. MORE
6How long does it take to activate my new instance?
Your new MyCito* Instance will be activated within 2 working days. MORE
7Can I get my information I have saved within mycito* after I have stopped using the software?
Yes you can. You can contact the mycito* Team via email, skype or phone as well as log a ticket with this ticket form on this page and they will get b... MORE
8What file formats can I upload within the MyCito* Application.
MyCito* Supports the following file formats csv txt zip gif bmp png jpg tif doc xls ppt, pptx pdf  MORE
9If I have delete an item by accident can I restore it?
Yes you can. Each section will show you a list of deleted items and you will be able to restore it from there. MORE
10Does mycito* have different permission levels?
Yes we do. Directors, Managers, Employee, Teacher, Student / Client, Spenser. MORE
11Is mycito* system secure?
The mycito* team take security very important. Each password is generated randomly and saved with a secure encryption. MORE
12I delete a file I uploaded by accident can I retrieve it.
Yes you can. You can find it under your delete entries. MORE
13Can I see a list of documents being stored?
You can see all documents related to each individual under their file cabinet and related drawer. There is also a full document report. MORE
14Can I see within the system duplication of records?
Duplication of records can be found under the Exception Reports located under certain sections. They cover a wide verity of issues. MORE
15Can the system email a group of individuals?
MyCito* system allows you to create recipient groups that is a collection of individuals that has a specific event or project in common. MORE
16What is the difference between Recipient Groups and Super Groups?
Recipient Groups are a collection of individuals. Super Groups are a collection of recipient groups. MORE
17Is there a limit of daily emails I can send via the mycito* application?
We allow an amount of 6000 emails per day to be sent from within a unique instance of mycito*. MORE
18Do we have a limit on the amount of sms sent via the mycito* system?
You can buy sms credits in amounts of R1000 and R10 000. That will get used first however should you go over the credit amount we will invoice you acc... MORE
19Can I run my website from within the mycito* instance?
Not only can you run your site from within the mycito* instance we provide a amazing list of detailed reports per page as well as per section, news to... MORE
20Is mycito* systems hosted locally?
All our instances are hosted oversees as they provide us and our clients with 99.9% up time. MORE
21Can I host my website with mycito*?
Yes you may host your domain with us. In fact we recommend it to better oversee if you are making use of our Web content system section. MORE
22My page is not loading?
CAPPED Please confirm that you have not reached your monthly data cap with your ISP. C-COM Cable As all mycito* instances are hosted on oversees serv... MORE

About mycito*

mycito* is a preferred cloud LMS (learner management software) built on an in-house developed BMP (business management platform) for local and international small, medium and large training centres, academies, colleges and institutions.

Designed and developed in South Africa as Software as a Service (SaaS) CLOUD offering. mycito* has a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, seamless upgrades, guaranteed levels of service and other cool stuff... Billing is per billable user, while guest users are FREE. That means you only pay for your operational team that you can EXPAND or CONTRACT to fit your day-to-day requirements.

Why mycito*
  •   Software as a Service (SaaS)
  •   A Cloud Offering
  •   Single Online Business Solution
  •   Solid Foundation
  •   Expandable and Adaptable
  •   Deployed within Hours
  •   Locally Developed & Supported
  •   Proven and Trusted
  •   Low Monthly Fee Commitment

Phone: +27 (0)12 667 6905

Standard local (South Africa) office hours Monday - Friday (08:00 - 17:00)

Emergencies: +27 (0)60 760 9876

Tinus de Beer

Design, Development,
Sales & Management
Tinus de Beer

Ane van Rooyen

Admin, Finance, HR,
Projects & User Support
Ane van Rooyen

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