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1What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and why should I care?
Search Engine Optimization is how a website can be optimized for optimal search engine exposure through the correct use of code and content. You do no... MORE
2How do I optimize my website for search engines with CITO*?
Follow the steps below to get started with search engine optimization (SEO) in CITO* MORE
3How do I upload a Download file?
To upload a download file, click on the option group Downloads and select the option Upload Download File. Select New Entry and click on the Select Fi... MORE
4How do I create a Download?
To create a download click on the option group Downloads and select the option List Downloads. Select New Entry and complete the required fields and S... MORE
5How do I publish a Download?
To publish your download, view your download profile. Click on the Publish Download tool in the toolbar. Your download is now published and can be see... MORE
6How do I replace an existing Download with a new version?
To replace an existing Download, follow the steps in the How to Upload a Download File. When the file has the exact name it will replace the old versi... MORE
7How do I link a Download to a Download Group?
To link a Download to a Download Group click on the option group Downloads. Select the option List Download Groups. Open the Download Group Profile an... MORE
8Where can I register a new user for my mycito* instance?
To add operational users, please contact the mycito* user training and support team for assistance. Studnets and guests can self register online on yo... MORE
9Forgot your login details for a mycito* instance?
You can retrieve your lost / forgotten password or username for a mycito* instance by completing the forgot password forms on your mycito* instance lo... MORE
10I would like to request a Sale / Demo for mycito*.
You can request a sale / demo meeting with the mycito* sales team by completing our contact me form. MORE
11Where can I log a Bug / Issue for a mycito* instance or extention?
You can log a bug / issue by completing our online contact me form. MORE
12How do I send my new user his access details?
You can send your new user his access details by viewing his user profile and clicking on the Reset User icon in the icon bar. Once you clicked on thi... MORE
13Where can I view the mycito* Manual?
Each mycito* system has its own manual. To view the manual click on the blue book just underneath the green system name an the left hand side of the s... MORE
14How do I submit a claim request?
To submit a Claim Request you need to complete the Claim Request Form by clicking on the My Companies text in the My Bar. This will give you a list of... MORE
15How do I load a payment against a Claim?
To load a payment against a claim you need to view the Company profile and click on the Manage Business Icon in the toolbar. Click on the Sales Period... MORE
16How do I create a student?
To create a student, click on the option group Students on the left hand side of the screen. Select the option List Students. This will show you the l... MORE
17How do I link a student to my class?
To link a student to a class, view your class profile. Click on the Link Students Icon in the tool bar. Select New Entry. To search the individual, cl... MORE
18Where do I upload Training Material?
Training Material can be uploaded on a Module or a Class. On each of these profiles you can click on the Upload Material Icon in the toolbar and selec... MORE
19How do I request Leave?
To request leave you need to complete the leave request form by clicking on MY Companies in the My Bar. This will show you al the companies you are em... MORE
20How do I Terminate an Employee?
To terminate an Employee go to the Company Profile. Click on the Manage Staff icon in the toolbar. Then click on the Employee Report icon to view the ... MORE
21How do I link a Download to a specific Chapter on a Page?
To link a Download to a specific Chapter, click on the option group Pages & Blocks and select the option List Pages. Open the Page profile and click o... MORE
22How do I add a Custom Title to a Page?
You can add a Custom Title to your Page by viewing the Page Profile and clicking on the blue Chapter name. Select the Edit Chapter icon in the toolbar... MORE
23How do I secure a Download Group for Portal use only?
To secure a Download Group for your portal. Click on the option group Downloads. Select the option Download Groups and view the Download Group Profile... MORE
24Where can I store a digital copy of the signed Attendance Register for my Schedule that took place?
Once a Schedule is created the system automatically creates a drawer Schedule in the filing cabinet of the company. To access this drawer, view the Co... MORE
25How do I send an Evaluation Form to the Attendees of a Schedule?
Before you can send the Evaluation Form, you need to update the register by viewing the Schedule Profile. Click on the Update Register. Update your re... MORE
26How do I create a new Gallery and add my Photo‘s into it?
To create a new Gallery, click on the option group Galleries and select the option List Galleries. This will show you the list of all the galleries th... MORE
27I am logged in as a Teacher. Where can I view / download my Module Material?
To view / download your module material click on the My Teacher Profile icon on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the Class Report icon in th... MORE
28Where do I change the class type?
To change the class type you can view the class profile. Click on the Edit Class icon in the toolbar. Change the type and submit. Your class type is ... MORE
29How do I Unsubscribe a Recipient from our Newsletter?
To Unsubscribe a recipient from the Newsletter you need to view the Newsletter Recipient Group in the Reminder and Notification System (RNMS) by click... MORE
30How will I know if my Leave Request was approved or declined?
Once your Leave Request have been approved / declined by your Superior or HR Manager you will receive an email to inform you of your leave status. MORE

About mycito*

mycito* is a preferred cloud LMS (learner management software) built on an in-house developed BMP (business management platform) for local and international small, medium and large training centres, academies, colleges and institutions.

Designed and developed in South Africa as Software as a Service (SaaS) CLOUD offering. mycito* has a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, seamless upgrades, guaranteed levels of service and other cool stuff... Billing is per billable user, while guest users are FREE. That means you only pay for your operational team that you can EXPAND or CONTRACT to fit your day-to-day requirements.

Why mycito*
  •   Software as a Service (SaaS)
  •   A Cloud Offering
  •   Single Online Business Solution
  •   Solid Foundation
  •   Expandable and Adaptable
  •   Deployed within Hours
  •   Locally Developed & Supported
  •   Proven and Trusted
  •   Low Monthly Fee Commitment

Phone: +27 (0)12 667 6905

Standard local (South Africa) office hours Monday - Friday (08:00 - 17:00)

Emergencies: +27 (0)60 760 9876

Tinus de Beer

Design, Development,
Sales & Management
Tinus de Beer

Ane van Rooyen

Admin, Finance, HR,
Projects & User Support
Ane van Rooyen

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