Looking for a Learner Record Management System (LMS)?
mycito* is an integrated single cloud LMS that brings together Administrative Duties, Training Activities, Customer Management and Employee Development in a centralised holistic offering based on a best-of-breed maturity implementation and adoption model developed by our regional AMEA partner Equal Career Services (Pty) Ltd. mycito* already manages thousands of learner records for training service providers in various industries.

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mycito* is the starting point to getting your business online. mycito* is no ordinary web based business management platform (BMP). mycito* addresses the issue of detached multiple online services by bringing them all into one solution. Business owners can own and drive operational and marketing processes from a single cloud service. mycito* makes it easy to manage your website, newsletters, customers, projects, surveys and so much more...

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mycito* makes it easy

  Manage Website & Portals

mycito* makes it easy to create, publish and review your public web content with valuable statistical component performance reporting or share content with various user groups within a secure portal interface.

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  Manage Email, SMS & Newsletters

mycito* makes it easy to send template driven SMS & EMAIL communication to various user and system generated groups based on shared attributes with detailed newsletter click tracking that brings value to sales and marketing campaigns.

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  Manage Customers & Projects

mycito* makes it easy to manage your customer pipeline from interested party to active customer with detailed project management, task journaling and "remember the milk" reminders for daily, weekly and monthly operational processes.

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mycito* helps you with

  Manage Employees & Time

mycito* helps you with employee & contractor resumes, billable time management through daily time sheet capturing and asset, leave and claim request authorisations by superiors based on organisational reporting structures.

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  Manage Questionnaires & Surveys

mycito* helps you with topic driven flow controlled questionnaires to execute surveys that can index customer offering satisfaction (CSI) or measure employee role performance base on key performance indicators (KPI).

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  Manage Learners & Mentorships

mycito* helps you with the coordination of total mentorship life-cycle and learner pathway from registration through to certification with SAQA module to Unit Standard alignment, teacher, class, material, evidence, schedule and program management.

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how mycito* works

  Single Cloud Solution

mycito* addresses the issue of detached multiple cloud services by bringing them all into one solution

  Software as a Service

mycito* is a cloud based SaaS offering that is immediately available and accessible 27/4

  User Billing

mycito* pay as you go model billed per operational and contributing user while guest users are FREE

  Quick Adoption

mycito* is easy to learn with onsite training, build-in how-to, online FAQs and remote support

mycito* value added services


The MYCITO* dedicated support team is ready to take telephone calls or Skype chats during office hours Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 16:00 local South Africa time or alternatively visit our website and client portal to view FAQs, comment in our forums or log support calls and track individual task journals in your project.


The MYCITO* specialised in-house Design Team will ensure that your MYCITO* instance is of the highest design quality, aligned with your corporate identity to best present your company, brand and offerings to your target audience.

Web Performance Monitoring

All MYCITO* instances deployed in the MYCITO* cloud network is monitored down to the smallest detail for performance reporting. Monthly website statistics are compiled and emailed to your sales and marketing team for SEO analysis and strategic planning.

Search Engine Optimisation

The MYCITO* in-house Consulting Team will closely work with your sales and marketing Team to ensure that optimal Search Engine exposure is achieved with your online content.


The MYCITO* specialized in-house Development Team will use the latest technology, best-of-breed coding principles and techniques to custom develop and align your instance to your company requirements for optimal performance and maximum business value, making MYCITO* fit your business.

Security & Confidentiality

All information stored in MYCITO* is securely managed and controlled with the build-in Secure Access Management System. Only you, your staff and our support team have access to your company information. Each MYCITO* instance requires acceptance of our terms and conditions with a Confidentiality Clause that protects the information you entrust to us.

Monthly Upgrades

Every MYCITO* instance upgraded monthly to the latest MYCITO* build giving you access to the latest and best MYCITO* has to offer, meaning you are never left behind.


A monthly BACKUP is made of every MYCITO* instance to a secure offline environment. CODE and DATA is preserved in our source control system for a flawless recovery after a catastrophic event.


The MYCITO* cloud network is hosted by a leading ISP (Internet Service Provider) where the servers are securely managed inside controlled data centres. Hardware and network appliances are on the forefront with true 99.9% uptime, while every component is dedicated 100% to all deployed MYCITO* instances only. The server and network specifications are:

  • 800Gbit Network
  • Dedicated IP and DNS
  • Fire Protected and Climate Controlled
  • Backup UPS and Generators
  • Biometric / Magnetic Access Control
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Consulting Resources

MYCITO* and all MYCITO* certified regional partners have several consulting resources readily available to assist on MYCITO* deployment stabilisations, configurations, training and integration into existing and future business processes. These resources cover various team roles:

  • Business Analyst (Business Process Alignment)
  • Project Manager (Adoption Roadmap)
  • Solution Architect (New Feature Requirements)
  • Information Designer (Brand Continuation)
  • Information Developer (Feature Enhancements)
  • Information Manager (DATA Management)
  • System Trainer (User Training & Support)

mycito* branding

with mycito* you can have the website design you always wanted without having to sacrifice any operational functionality.




mycito* pricing

mycito* is available in 3 editions, LITE, STANDARD and LMS. You can add and remove mycito* users in real-time as total billing is based on the maximum operational and contributing user count within a billing period. mycito* user DISCOUNT applies from 25 or more billable users. Become a certified expert mycito* user in your instance and SAVE on operational user fees.

Limited Features LITE STANDARD LMS
  Website & Portals
  Email, SMS & Newsletters
  Customers & Projects
  Employees & Time
  Questionnaires & Surveys
  Learners & Mentorships
South Africa R
(per month)
350.00 1750.00 2100.00

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Interested in mycito*, have one of our sales consultants or a regional partner in your area contact you within 24HOURS.

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Users obtain Program Certification once the user completed all the user training modules within a program.

Programs can be customised to fit unique workflow and operational requirements of staff within your organisation.

Certified User Training can be done at the MYCITO* ACADEMY a Certified Training Partner venue or client premises. Training fees exclude flights, accommodation, car rental, taxes, toll fees and other levies for venues outside Centurion, Gauteng (South Africa).

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mycito* update

The next myctio* update Build 2015.03 is scheduled for release on Sunday, 3 May 2015.

Key mycito* updates include enhanced features & functionality for the LITE, STANDARD and LMS editions with improved user experience and several issue resolutions. This is the next sequential update in the myctio* 2015 version. Please review the individual system manuals for changes made to key components.

Please contact your mycito* Administrator for more information on this update and/or previous mycito* updates and versions.

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why mycito*?

  •   Software as a Service (SaaS)
  •   Cloud Offering
  •   Single Online Business Solution
  •   Solid Foundation
  •   Expandable and Adaptable
  •   Deployed within Hours
  •   Locally Developed & Supported
  •   Proven and Trusted Since 2005
  •   Low Monthly Fee Commitment

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, MYCITO* requirements are limited to accessing CLIENT DEVICES only:

  •   Active Internet Connection
  •   Email Account and Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Chrome)
  •   1440 x 900 screen resolution for optimal experience

contact mycito*

Info: info@mycitoapp.com
Demo: demo@mycitoapp.com

Support: support@mycitoapp.com
South Africa
+27 (0)12 667 6905

78 Mahonie Street
Centurion, 0157
Gauteng South Africa

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about mycito*

mycito* is the starting point to getting your business online. mycito* is no ordinary web based business management platform (BMP). mycito* addresses the issue of detached multiple online services by bringing them all into one solution. Business owners can own and drive operational and marketing processes from a single cloud service. mycito* makes it easy to manage your website, newsletters, customers, projects, surveys and so much more...

Designed and developed in South Africa as Software as a Service (SaaS) CLOUD offering. mycito* has a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, seamless upgrades, guaranteed levels of service and other cool stuff... Billing is per operational and contributing user, while guest users are FREE. That means you only pay for your operational team that you can EXPAND or CONTRACT to fit your day-to-day requirements.

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team mycito*
Tinus de Beer

Design & Development
Tinus de Beer

Ane van Rooyen

Sales, Support & Training
Ane van Rooyen

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