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Manage your sales & marketing coordination
online from anywhere, anytime.

mycito* makes it easy for sales & marketing coordination of your public & secure web content with valuable statistical component performance reporting and auto recipient group generation for various communication strategies.

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qa_iconThe QUESTION AND ANSWER profile enables the user to manage information directly related to the question and answer record inside the Web Content Management System ("WCMS").
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Interested in mycito* or need more information, then have one of our sales consultants or a regional partner in your area contact you within 24 HOURS.

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mycito* value added services


The mycito* dedicated support team is ready to take telephone calls or Skype chats during office hours Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 16:00 local South Africa time or alternatively visit our website and client portal to view FAQs, comment in our forums or log support calls and track individual task journals in your project.


The mycito* specialized in-house Development Team will use the latest technology, best-of-breed coding principles and techniques to custom develop and align your instance to your company requirements for optimal performance and maximum business value, making mycito* fit your business.

Security & Confidentiality

All information stored in mycito* is securely managed and controlled with the build-in Secure Access Management System. Only you, your staff and our support team have access to your company information. Each mycito* instance requires acceptance of our terms and conditions with a Confidentiality Clause that protects the information you entrust to us.

Monthly Upgrades

Every mycito* instance upgraded monthly to the latest mycito* build giving you access to the latest and best mycito* has to offer, meaning you are never left behind.


A monthly BACKUP is made of every mycito* instance to a secure offline environment. CODE and DATA is preserved in our source control system for a flawless recovery after a catastrophic event.


The mycito* cloud network is hosted by a leading ISP (Internet Service Provider) where the servers are securely managed inside controlled data centres. Hardware and network appliances are on the forefront with true 99.9% uptime, while every component is dedicated 100% to all deployed mycito* instances only. The server and network specifications are:

  • 800Gbit Network
  • Dedicated IP and DNS
  • Fire Protected and Climate Controlled
  • Backup UPS and Generators
  • Biometric / Magnetic Access Control
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Consulting Resources

mycito* and all mycito* certified regional partners have several consulting resources readily available to assist on mycito* deployment stabilisations, configurations, training and integration into existing and future business processes. These resources cover various team roles:

  • Business Analyst (Business Process Alignment)
  • Project Manager (Adoption Roadmap)
  • Solution Architect (New Feature Requirements)
  • Information Designer (Brand Continuation)
  • Information Developer (Feature Enhancements)
  • Information Manager (DATA Management)
  • System Trainer (User Training & Support)

About mycito*

mycito* is a preferred cloud LMS (learner management software) built on an in-house developed BMP (business management platform) for local and international small, medium and large training centres, academies, colleges and institutions.

Designed and developed in South Africa as Software as a Service (SaaS) CLOUD offering. mycito* has a pay as you go model, no infrastructure costs, seamless upgrades, guaranteed levels of service and other cool stuff... Billing is per billable user, while guest users are FREE. That means you only pay for your operational team that you can EXPAND or CONTRACT to fit your day-to-day requirements.

Why mycito*
  •   Software as a Service (SaaS)
  •   A Cloud Offering
  •   Single Online Business Solution
  •   Solid Foundation
  •   Expandable and Adaptable
  •   Deployed within Hours
  •   Locally Developed & Supported
  •   Proven and Trusted
  •   Low Monthly Fee Commitment

Phone: +27 (0)12 667 6905

Standard local (South Africa) office hours Monday - Friday (08:00 - 17:00)

Emergencies: +27 (0)60 760 9876

Tinus de Beer

Design, Development,
Sales & Management
Tinus de Beer

Ane van Rooyen

Admin, Finance, HR,
Projects & User Support
Ane van Rooyen

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